Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Crayon & watercolour - Duck


I'm especially fond of ducks, which I think was what lead me to writing and illustrating 'Little Duck' a few years ago now (published by Penguin). The picture above was an experiment with coarse grainy watercolour paper, with crayon and wash. I quite like the soft effect. It seems to capture quite well the essence of a duck. As a kid, I always liked having pet ducks, and as characters,  they're such gentle, inquisitive creatures.

To quote Michael Leunig - (Australian cartoonist/artist) 
'How will you know if a person (perhaps a politician, a policeman, a partner or a priest) is corrupt.
You must study he duck. You must play with the duck. You must talk with the duck. You must know the ways of the duck. You must look deeply into the eyes of the duck. Then looking into the face of the person, how will you know if that person is corrupt? You will know. You will know.'

Fox and chick - Japanese fibre paper collage

I'm really happy with the mood of this illustration and the texture of both the fox fur and the chick.
I hope one day to create a picture book using this type of paper and fine collage work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Gets Dressed

This image is from 'Baby Gets Dressed' written by Katrina Germein. The original illustration is made from fabric collage. The dog toy in the illustration is inspired by my nephew's favourite toy 'Grommit'.
The pink stripes were made by cutting very finely a pink towel fabric from a favourite old dress of my grandma's.
The baby's hair is made from teasing out Japanese fibrous papers.